Friday, June 4, 2010

Apartment Elizabeth - Elizabeth has moved in!!

Elizabeth has moved in!!
Elizabeth's apartment seems to be okay.
Let's hope I like it enough to where
it stays this way.
This is the entire apartment with the front door
glued in place.
I had to build a side and top wall to hold
the door.
Honestly I put in and I take back out again.
Not sure if I like the sink and stove hiding
the table and chairs.
I thought I would start with the kitchen.
I grouped the sink and stove together and put
the refrigerator in the corner near the window.
There is a black bakers rack that stands against
the window.
No cabinets yet above the sink.
Must know if this arrangements is going to
stay like this first.
A view from the cradle to see the table and
Another view of the bakers rack from the
living room windows.
This seems to be better.
The living room furniture is really nice.
Perhaps to nice for little kids.
A piece of the brick wall is bare.
Something needs to go there.
The cabinets seem to be in the wrong area.
Looking thru the window.
I moved the curio cabinet closer to the TV unit.
I feel that it does not make a difference.
Sofa area.
A view from the living room windows looking
towards the bed area.
Groceries set in a chair.
Elizabeth does not care.
She stays in bed all day holding
dear Hank.
Looking in a window that has not
been glued in yet.
When Elizabeth gets tired and sleepy,
she lays Hank in his little wicker bassinet
which is on the end table beside her.
And she drifts off to sleep.
There is Hanks little wicker bassinet.
A close up of Elizabeth and Hank.
As soon as Hank gets bigger, he will sleep in
this cradle.
A view of the front door.
Elizabeth can see who enters in.
The window is not glued in beside
the twin girls bed.
Peek in!
A view of the twin's bunk beds.
The door is not here only because
I was making a trial run to make sure
that the front door would work in this
The twins are not dressed, nor have
any hair yet.
Here, the apartment is missing the
front door.
I think that I must change this room around
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