Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Apartment Elizabeth - Elizabeth has moved into her NEW APARTMENT!!

Elizabeth and moved in with the
help of her sisters Melinda and Belinda.
I am sure that furniture will get moved around
again, as I have a lot to fit in here.

Maybe some stuff stays maybe it doesn't.

So far the apartment is airy and spacious.
As you see, Elizabeth stays in the bed.
She is not an invalid - please get up Elizabeth!

Come on in, Come on in!
You do not even have to knock, the front
door is open.

I did change the kitchen from white appliances
to the oak set.
The room needed grounding from all of that

I placed the stove in the middle of the area.
I really like this here, kind of reminds me 
of a little island in a kitchen.
There are 2 ways to walk around it to get
inside the apartment.
But, is this safe with kids??
Probably not.

There is a corner china cabinet that holds a
few dishes now.
If it stays, I hope to fill it.
I wish that I could get a pic of the view from
the stove looking out thru the windows.
I absolutely love windows!!

I made the little white cabinet that sits on top
of the oak corner cabinet.
It is a box that I painted white and edged in
red, then hand painted the
words 'Bread'.
I made this back in 1994 from a pattern in a
library book.
Do not remember the books name.

The white that you see towards the left,
is not glare - I am actually taking this pic thru
the window behind the stove.
Things are being moved in.
I do like the idea of the sink and the refrigerator
being there, but dislike being able
to see the bedroom side.

Hey, do you think that Elizabeth is pregnant?
Perhaps that is why she is in the bed all the time.
Maybe the doctor said that she needs 
complete bedrest.
This could explain some things.

A white high chair sits near the table - who
may it be for?
May is 2 years old and sits here to eat!

Yum, yum - Chocolate Cake!

From this angle you can see how spacious 
the kitchen area looks.
Could be easy to keep clean.

The rocker is very much needed, cause
Hank gets fussy every now and then.

Hank needs a proper bassinet, but am 
afraid that there is not enough room
for one.
Not sure that I like Elizabeth's pillow
propped up against the back of the kitchen sink.

I made all of the bedding.
My favorite color is chocolate and then
Even though the matching color to the brown
would be a salmon or a rose,
I felt that the pink would help liven it up.
I had enough of these fabrics to do 
some small window treatments.

The dresser at the foot of the bed as of
yet, has no clothes in it.
I have started putting things inside 
of the armoire.

Elizabeth's slippers are beside the bed.
I keep putting the little pink rug in and out
and also keep moving the rocking chair.

Sometimes Elizabeth rolls over and stares out of
the window when Hank is sleeping.

On top of the armoire is just a plastic little
box that I covered. 
Inside is just some pieces of fabric
to represent baby clothing.

A jewelry box that I made back in 1994 sits on
the top shelf.
I strung a few beads together to 
represent a necklace and put some ribbon
in the box.

The second shelf is a little blue quilt that
I made - for Hank.
And of course there is some little girl
pampers - for May
May's little dress and robe hang on
the armoire.
Yes, Elizabeth has 4 children!
May is 2 years old and sleep with Elizabeth.

There are the bunk beds for the twin girls
Allie and Allison.
New bedding is needed for them.
I had room for a toy/blanket chest under
the windows.

Still room for some more things.

I do love all this room.
Makes me wonder whether or not
if I should put a lot of stuff in this

Another pic that shows the kitchen area
and the twin girls bunk beds.

Thanks for stopping by!

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