Saturday, February 19, 2011

Apartment Daisy - Wallpapered and Floored

I always find it difficult to start
a new apartment.
So many things to consider about
what colors to use and what
you want the apartment to
actually look like.
There are so many choices out there
to use for wallpaper and floors.

Finally, I decided to make Daisy'
wallpaper not so old-looking as
the wallpaper that I used in
Elizabeth's apartment.

Must choose who will live her
too and I also find that to be
difficult also. People must match
with the places that they live in.
So, I decided to throw caution
to the wind with this apartment.

The left side of the apartment is
wallpapered with words.
I do not know what kind of 
a theme is going
on here.
Hopefully one day, I can
advance my skills up enough to
turn it into a Paris apartment.
Must do research on that when
time permits. 

This is the full photo of 
Daisy's Apartment.
I do want to keep apartments neutral
so that in the future if someone else
can live there then I can just
add new tenants without the hassle
of re-wallpapering. 

Scrapbook paper was used for
the left side of this apartment.
It is a collage of words. They look
so sweet. Definitely meant for a
sweet tenant - and her name is
This apartment will most certainly
need floorboards and  ceiling boards
since I cut the wallpaper a
little short. 
However, I do not know
when the landlady will get around
to fixing it!
We will wait and see what she does!

This brick that I found on the net
is really my favorite! Just printed
it out on regular computer paper
and glued it to the wall.

I love the feeling that it gives to
this room. 
It is so realistic!
But you can tell on the far wall
where one paper printed
out a little lighter than the others.
That happens when you get low 
on ink!!
That's a 'FUTURE FIX' or maybe not!
I have to see if it is noticeable 
when furniture starts going in.

This room needs window trims.
I love how the
brick looks like it is shifting.
Remember this is an old building!
I purposely want some
flaws in this Louisiana building
This building was in 1700. Already
over 200 years old.
Amazing it is still standing!
This building is bound to have problems
and the landlady does not like
to spend that much money on the

The only thing that is still in 
good shape are the floors!
All the floors in this building
are fabric. So realistic that I
had to use it!
I sure do love to cheat - don't I!!

The apartments do not have good plumbing
or good electricity!
Hopefully, the landlady will
update everything.

The landlady likes the oldness of the
brick and does not want to
re-brick it.

Your weekend is almost over - have fun!
Thank you for visiting me!

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