Saturday, February 19, 2011

Elizabeth's Empty Apartment

Another apartment has been wallpapered.
This apartment
belongs to a single mother named Elizabeth.
Elizabeth has a new-born son named Hank
& 2 young twin daughters named Alice
& Allison.
The left side of the apartment is
wallpapered with words. I thought
that it might be
well-suited to an old apartment.
Sorry if it looks a little blurry. I didnt
realize it until I just now looked at it.
And it is the only full photo that i
have of the apartment.
This photo looks a little better - still
a little blurry. Again I am sorry. Anyway
the words look almost like a collage.
This apartment will most certainly
have to have baseboards. I was a
little short on the wallpaper - didnt want
to buy another sheet for just this little piece. Again
its scrapbooking paper. However I dont know
when the landlady will get around
to it! You really must check out those papers.
This brick is really my favorite!
I found this photo on the internet -
cannot remember where? I printed
it out in regular white computer paper.
It is so realistic! This room
needs window baseboards & some
window trims. Also needs some trims
going up the walls around the large
window area. Once the trim is
applied there you wont even be able to
tell that the brick is shifting. Remember this building
is really old. I purposely want
flaws. I estimate that it was built around
1700. Its already over 200 years old.
This building is bound to have problems.

The apartments do not have good plumbing
or good electricity! Hopefully the electricity
will get updated.
The floors are cloth just like the Widow
Sarah's & Berniece's apartments. I
sure do cheat - dont I. The landlady
has decided to brick the outside of
these apartments. She found some
more of that old brick. Maybe she
will hire some professionals to do
the job --- nah!! This landlady is
cheap & she doesnt care if the outside
looks like the inside. She is thinking
about doing it herself. There is a
possibility that Elizabeth changes apartments.
Your weekend is almost over - have
you been having fun!

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