Friday, March 18, 2011


Permelia had been
eagerly looking for an
apartment for weeks.
She came across this building
and looked at one apartment.

She told
me that the apartment didn't speak to her.
She didn't like the apartment.
So when she took
the keys back to the landlady Sherry.
Sherry gave
her another set of keys for her to go see about
the apartment on the end on the bottom floor.
So, back we went to the apartment building.
And sure enough when we walked around
the edge of the building there was the
4 Rent sign.
Just as Sherry had stated - you had
to enter into the apartment 
through one set of the French doors.
Oooo we were liking this!!

This place looked interesting to Permelia.
We both marveled at how nice
the courtyard could look once
her expert hands got out there.
Look at her she wore
her hat & her stockings today!
Me think, that sometimes, the
witch protests too much!
Permelia's hands were full so she
laid down her pocketbook so she could
open the door.

Once the door was unlocked, she
picked up her purse
and pushed open the door.

Ecstatic!! Permelia
 flew into the doorway!
And what she saw immediately
captivated her. She was in love with the

She didn't waste any time heading straight
for it.

She started opening up the ovens.
She even stuck her head in - just
checking it out, she said.

She fumbled with the stove a little
more before deciding to move on.
By this time I knew that she had
found the right apartment when she
didn't even comment about the awful
sink with the refrigerator below it!
When I asked her about it - she boldly
said that she didn't care what it looked
like. The most important thing to her was
the stove.
She went on to inspect the main room.
Hmmm.....there seems to be some
water damage on lower part of the wall.
She will tell Sherry about that.
Surely she
didn't want to get charged for it if she
decided to move later on.
Permelia loved the brick floor.
She loved the entire apartment
and how it was secluded.

Coming back into the kitchen area - that's
when she saw the stone fireplace.
Permelia was in love!

Permelia decided to look more
closely at the French doors.
At least
they open that was good enough for
Sherry had explained earlier that
the door knobs didn't align up because
at one time the doors on the left were
replaced with different doors.
So the knobs never got moved.
And the last tenant
that lived there had taken off the knobs on
the inside of one of the doors because he
kept it bolted all the time.
At this point Permelia
didn't seem to mind at all.
She loved the
idea of having a courtyard outside of those
She was going to tell Sherry that she
wanted the doorknobs put back on.

Permelia locked everything back up and
said this is her apartment.
She picked
up the sign so know one would see it.
I asked her how she was going to pay for
Permelia told me flat out that she had
money. She makes her pay check by
selling love spells.
I told her - 'hey come clean'.
See Permelia has 2 other twin sisters.
Yes - they were triplets!
All together their names were Permelia, Clotillya,
and Sophillya. All 3 of them were
guardians of their 2 niece's.
They would be receiving
the inheritance money to take care of them.
So they all were going to be just fine
living here!
Sophillya  and Clotillya would be bringing
the girls with them on the next
broom hop!
Permelia said,
'not to worry because they could make it
My goodness - this apartment is going
to be crowded.
Has she gone mad!! Where is everyone
going to sleep!
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  1. Me encanta el apartamento de Permelia, es muy divertido seguir tus historias.
    besitos ascension

  2. Thank you Ascension,
    I am so glad that you enjoy my stories.