Monday, March 14, 2011

Look at these

fireplace tools and its holder. Dont
you have 1 or 2 of these little sets that
decorate your mini fireplace. Its time to think
outside of the box.

I used to have numerous sets of
these - but I seem to have lost lots of
them. This was the only pieces that I
could find that I owned. When I saw these
again - I looked at them in a new way.
I guess you might say that if it weren't for
my witch needing a wand - I might not would
have recognized this as such. Take your
little Dremel sander & just sand off the unwanted
parts. The metal is soft so it will only take about
a few seconds to cut off those offending

Here are the pieces that I sanded off.
My favorite is the poker - the long one.
2 are the same size since they were the shovels.
And then (what is suppose to be the
little rake) is the smallest. The 2 smallest will
go to Permelia's 2 young neices.
A long time ago I had taken a permanent
marker to the poker. This knocks off what
appears to be a new look. I still do not
know if I want to paint the wands.
The little fireplace stand has 2 uses.
You can use it as a Parasol/Umbrella
stand or you can use it by the front door
to hold their wands. I am going to use the
stand as a wand holder and put a sign above
it saying, "Wands here" or "Park Wands here", with an arrow
pointing down to this stand. I think that will
look so cute.
When you google wands - you will see that
there are many different
sizes. The longest one that I remember
seeing was 13.5 inches long. Permelia's wand
is 3 inches long - so it is equal in size
to real life. Paint these tools or leave as is.
The choice is up to you! I hope that you
can use this idea.
by conny

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