Monday, March 7, 2011


in miniature!
Have you ever seen one
of these kitchen witch's.
They symbolize good luck!
Some of them
are so ugly that they are down right cute.

A witch named Permelia is moving in on
the bottom floor. She is
guardian to her 2 motherless nieces.
Their names are Narcissa & Sophronia.
Narcissa is sometimes called 'Cissa'. (Pronounce
Cissa like sis in sister).
Sophronia is sometimes called 'Frony'.
This little kitchen witch is going to hang down
from their ceiling.
I didn't have any pattern to go by so I
had to make up my own. Truthfully
I didn't think that she was even going to turn
out! I wanted the little witch to be 1" X 1".
But I was not able to make it that little.
She measures 2" X 2".

The broom measures (from the tip
of the handle to the end
of the purple floss) 3 inches. I used a
small piece of a stick that my hubby
retrieved from the backyard for the
broom. I wanted it as natural as it could
be. Initially, I wanted
her to look ugly but apparently I am not
good at ugly!
She needs to be uglier!

Perhaps later I will dry making
another witch and painting her green.
If I do, then I will make a

Her eyes and mouth are drawn on
with a blue ink pen.

Here's another angle. I think
the glue on her only adds character. It
makes her look like she has some cobwebs.

I wanted a crystal or something
to hang down from the tip of her hat.
However for now I omitted it because
I couldn't find in my small stash
anything that was small enough.
Her legs are
a pink stretchy fabric.
For her shoes, I just used a permanent magic marker.

Here is the underside of her.
She is glued onto the broom. I
hope that you like my mini
kitchen witch!
Soon I will show you the
empty apartment.


  1. Hi,

    Thank you for a nice comment on my blog! Unfortunately I haven´t any place to sell my shoes. I haven´t manage to create an etsy shop for myself. Perhaps some day... ;)

    Your blog is new one for me. It was nice to find it! I´m your follower now.

  2. Me encantan las brujitas y la tuya me parece fantastica.
    besitos ascension

  3. Lotte, thank you for the nice comment. Everyone that reads this need to go see your beautiful shoes!

  4. Ascension - You have a wonderful blog. Thank you for becoming my follower

  5. Thank you Lori. I was hoping that she would be so ugly that she would look cute - so I dont know!

  6. Your witch is soo cute! I have a human size one in my craft room my aunt made. I think every house should have one.