Monday, March 7, 2011


in miniature! Have you ever seen one
of these kitchen witch's. They symbolize good luck!
Some of them
are so ugly that they are down right cute.
Widow Sarah has moved out of the apartment
building to be closer to her daughter.
(Emily was able to talk her into
moving). So her apartment has become available.
A witch named Permelia is moving in. She is
guardian to her 2 motherless
neices. Their names are Narcissa & Sophronia.
Narcissa is sometimes called 'Cissa'. (Pronounce
Cissa like sis in sister - but be sure to add the a at
the end).
Sophronia is sometimes called 'Frony'.
This little kitchen witch is going to hang down
from their ceiling.
I didnt have any pattern to go by so I
had to make up my own. Truthfully
I didnt think that she was even going to turn
out! I wanted the little witch to be 1" X 1".
But I was not able to make it that litte.
What she measures is 2" X 2".
The broom measures (from the tip
of the handle to the end
of the purple floss) 3 inches. I used a
small piece of a stick that my hubby
retrieved from the backyard for the
broom. I wanted it as natural as it could
be. Initally I wanted
her to look ugly but apparently I am not
good at ugly! She needs to be uglier! Her face
& hands are made out of white
computer paper. Maybe later I will try
my hand at painting them green.
I drawed on her
blue eyes & a blue mouth with a blue
ink pen.

Here's another angle. I think
the glue on her only adds character. It
makes her look like she has some cobwebs.

I wanted a crystal or something
to hang down from the tip of her hat.
However for now I omitted it because
I couldnt find in my small stash
anything that was suitable. Her legs are
a pink stretchy fabric. For her
shoes I just used a permanent magic marker.
Here is the underside of her.
She is glued onto the broom. I
hope that you like my mini
kitchen witch!
Soon I will show you the
empty apartment.


  1. Hi,

    Thank you for a nice comment on my blog! Unfortunately I haven´t any place to sell my shoes. I haven´t manage to create an etsy shop for myself. Perhaps some day... ;)

    Your blog is new one for me. It was nice to find it! I´m your follower now.

  2. Me encantan las brujitas y la tuya me parece fantastica.
    besitos ascension

  3. Lotte, thank you for the nice comment. Everyone that reads this need to go see your beautiful shoes!

  4. Ascension - You have a wonderful blog. Thank you for becoming my follower

  5. Thank you Lori. I was hoping that she would be so ugly that she would look cute - so I dont know!

  6. Your witch is soo cute! I have a human size one in my craft room my aunt made. I think every house should have one.