Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am telling her to turn around - but she
won't. She's a little shy. I sure do like her
long red hair.

I had to turn her around.
Permelia is a good witch.
However she didn't
like me moving her. She said that
she's gonna cast a spell on me for
interrupting her train of thought.
That is - as soon as she gets a
Permelia has griped all
afternoon. She don't like her
hat nor her clothes. Says it makes
her look plump!
While I am
thinking about it - her hat was made
from the directions using Casey's Mini's
blog. She has great directions.
I just so happen to like making
my hats without any cardboard.
I like the soft look.
Now that I have started - I cannot stop.
They are so easy and addictive!

She says and I will quote her,
"my hat looks like it has
been cut off. Don't you know that it
should be up and pointed"!
She even had the
nerve to ask me, "what is wrong
with you. Don't' you know what a
witch is suppose to look like"!
Apparently I don't.
I sat and listened to her for what seemed
like eons.

Her complaint
about her dress is that the bodice
is too tight, that it bulges her bosom
and her skirt is too loose. Well ,I can't
help it if her bosom is too tight and her
skirt is too loose because of the weight
she has gained.
Lose weight Permelia
and then maybe it will fit you better!
She does look busty doesn't she?
Shhhh, don't tell her I said that!
That will be 2 spells she will cast upon me.

Permelia needed a new dress.
The white frock is at least 14 or
15 years old. Still doesn't look bad.
But Permelia is going to check out
an apartment in just a few hours.
An apartment has come available
in the old French district.
A very desirable area.

Permelia is going to wear her old leggings
and her hat when she goes to look at the apartment.
Gonna try to look presentable.
The realtor cannot come - so she has agreed
to give Permelia the key - so she may view
the apartment in private.
She has promised me that she will be discreet.
They just might not understand and she might
get turned down for the apartment if they
know that she is a witch.
Oooo, love those great red striped leggings!
Hide them!

This old frock is definitely going into
the yard sale bin! By the way the white
loops at the neckline go around the
clothes hanger to keep it from falling off.
Permelia thought that perhaps someone
wouldn't know what it was used for.
Does Permelia think people are stupid!
The dress was easy to make and
I need to post the pattern, but
have not had the time to do
so lately - but I will!

Permelia was one of those
little kits with legs, arms and
a head with molded hair.
Since, I only had these type of
kits, I had to do the best that I could.
So I put hair on them!
And at that time she was not
a witch, just an ordinary doll.

I tried to make Permelia an
ugly witch - but it seems that I cannot do
ugly. I cannot do pretty either.
So, Permelia is in the middle of the two.
And I like her hat and her clothes!
I think that these bent hats are going to
be her trademark! When I find a star
I am going to attach it to the end of
her pointed hat. She will most likely
get mad at me. By then I am sure that
I will have 3 strikes against me.
Let's hope I am still around to post again.
Maybe the stress of moving has her in a tizzy.
Tomorrow I will show you the apartment if she
chooses it. 
I hope you like Permelia's new look.


  1. Me encantan las brujas y Permelia es preciosa.
    Que bonitos vestidos.
    El blanco es una verdadera obra de arte, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  2. Thank you for the nice comments. The white dress was machine sewn together except all the lace & ruffles were glued together. The glue has started to yellow. The pink dress is all hand sewn together. The only glue on her dress is the pink ribbon around her neck.

  3. Well Permelia: Some women are just blessed with ahemm big bosoms, never complain about what you have, I love your red hair very pretty the hat is yours alone, I love how it tips back it looks like you have been workin very hard on your spells.
    tell Connie good luck on the miniature magazine I want to purchase a copy and have her sign it.

  4. Hello Catherine,
    Dont know whats happening with my computer. Several times I have tried to comment & was not able to.
    I tried to tell Permelia to get over those bosoms but she wont listen to me. Maybe she will listen to you. Thank you for the nice comment about her hair & her hat. I thought that her hat being tipped back like that - made her look cocky. I hope it doesn't.
    Thank you also for the nice comment about being in a magazine. Today I am tackling the window trims. Hopefully I can finish them by tomorrow. Then I can start decorating & send off the photo's for it. Then I can get back to cross stitching.
    I would love to sign a magazine for you!
    Thank you, conny

  5. Well, That is an interesting outfit for Permelia. I hope she gets the apartment however, she might want to remove the Hat....

  6. Lori,
    Thank you very much for leaving me a comment. Pink for a good witch - hopefully she doesnt become a bad witch. She had better not show those leggings either.

  7. The cream color dress is so cute! I'd love one for my little lady. Would you have a tut for it?

  8. Hello Msfierce,
    I have tried to contact you but I am unable to get your email address. I do have intentions of making a tut for the cream dress. It is super-easy.
    Just have so many projects ahead of it. The dress is over 15 years old & shows yellow glue stains from where the bows fell off.