Thursday, April 14, 2011


And I just love it!!
She turned out much better than what
I expected.

I had no idea that an OLD CHINA doll could
be made into a new doll.
I have not seen or heard of anyone doing this before!!
It is possible that I could be the first
that has ever put hair on a china doll.

Any imperfections however small they may be, always
show up in a photograph.
I thought that I had gotten all of the hair off her, but it
is apparent that I missed some hairs.
Perhaps a mini vacuum cleaner is needed!

I was going to use black hair, to mimic what the
doll had already, but decided against that idea.
It was better to soften up her features with some
dark brown hair.
Anyway once I held up the dark brown hair up to
her face - it spoke to me!

Marina has a little black speck on the side of her
nose. That is her mole.
Marina has now become one of my favorites!!


Marina's hair is cut into a bob.
This hairstyle suits this kind of doll very well.
There are not many pictures here
so I hope you can see it.

The matching hat came as an after-thought.
Marina looked like she needed something
and a hat was the answer to this.
That piece of re-sis-tance - so to speak.
However, I think that I might put the hat
in her hand and leave her head and
hair free.

 Hair on the china dolls look great
from any angle.
You really do need to try this!!
It gives a whole new look to the china doll.
If you never liked a china doll before - maybe
just maybe, you would like to have one now.

I used cheap hairspray to keep her hair
from flying around. It needed to
stay straight.

A china doll's head is bigger than
the normal miniature dolls head.
Do take that into consideration.
You can always give her a hat.
Gee - I forgot to remove her hat!!

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  1. I love the way you have done her hair, it looks so neat, I once tried to add hair to a doll and it looked like a yetti.

  2. Thank you. Hairspray makes it neat. I am sure it didnt look like a yetti!

  3. She is nice with her new hair.
    It might be better a single flower instead of putting the hat ...??? or a bonnet or cap very small, cocked over her head?

  4. Has hecho un buen trabajo con el pelo, me encanta.
    Y tambien con el ordenador, eres muy inteligente.
    Me alegro de que todo vaya bien.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

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  6. Hola AscensiĆ³n,
    Eres tan dulce. Gracias por el comentario preciosa.

  7. Thank you Maria, I think that I will try the flower!It will be different.