Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making a Skirt or a Dress....

This cream dress was made about 13 years ago
and it hangs in my dolls shabby chic apartment.
It was hand stitched. You could machine
stitch it. The only glue on it is where the
little roses are glued. The little dress should
have had a lining. I was so happy with the
little dress that I forgot to line it. If you can
make this dress or the next dresss that is
shown - then you can make other styles
using this concept. Dont be afraid to make
it. If you decide that you do not want it lined.
Then dont line it. Its still pretty. This dress
is made to hang on a hanger - but if you
have a polymer doll that can display her
arms then you can make this for her to
 This photo shows the skirt or dress that you
will be making. Now dont get disgusted because this
tutorial is long. I am just making sure for those that
dont sew - that they understand.
 Materials needed:
- 2 pieces of 3.5 inches wide white lace
- tiny narrow ribbon
- a small amount of cheesecloth (for lining)
- small roses or other items to decorate
- needle and thread
- glue

Directions: This photo shows about the width of the white
lace that I have used. You can buy this lace at your fabric
store - but I have always used baby clothes when making my
miniature doll clothes. Thats where this lace comes from.
 This is the cheesecloth. Notice that by my thumb the
cheesecloth is doubled. It is thin so you will need to
cut 2 pieces of this.
 Cut 2 pieces of the lace - about 5 inches long. One
piece is used for the skirt - the other piece for the top.
Put one piece aside for now. (now is the time that
if you want the doll to wear the skirt - then you will
have to adjust by adding more lace width if the doll
is fat). If the doll is skinny then the measurements that
I gave above should surfice.
 Lay one lace piece on top of the doubled cheesecloth
& cut out.
 I dont know if you can see it or not but there are 2 pieces
of cheesecloth here. Make sure that the cheesecloth is
laid down on the wrong side of the lace.
 Place all wrong sides together. Make sure that
the bottom of the skirt lines up evenly. You dont
want one side longer than the other. Now start
at the top and stitch down the length of the skirt.
When you get to the bottom stitch back up along
your stitch lines to the top or waist of the skirt.
Once you get back to the top, knot it & cut off
the thread.
 Now cut off any excess seams.
 Turn the lace skirt right side out.
 Be sure to pull up the cheesecloth because at this
point it is not sewed down.
 In this photo I want you to see that I am at the back
of the skirt. With needle & thread start at the top or
waist seam and stitch around the entire skirt til you end
where you started - back at the back seam. 
 See here I am - stitching around the skirt. Make sure
that when you stitch that you stitch thru the cheesecloth.
When finished - knot it & cut off the thread. It doesnt
matter if the knot shows because it will be hidden by the
 Now if you want the doll to wear this skirt - then put
it on her - draw up the thread to gather & knot it.
If you are making the dress then you must still draw up
the thread to gather it. Once it closes then knot it &
cut off the thread. Now you can see the cheesecloth
peeking up from the top. Just cut it off being careful
not to cut the lace.
 Open up the bottom of the skirt & trim off any
cheesecloth that is long. (if your doll is wearing her
skirt - then trim off any excess). The skirt is finished
so set it aside.
 Take the second piece of lace that you cut earlier.
 And put wrong sides together. Make sure the bottom
edge is even. Starting at the top of the lace , make a knot
and sew down to the bottom edge - then sew back up to
the knot. When done then knot it & cut off the thread.
 I like to stitch down to the edge & then back up. You
are not really going to be able to see it. If you
noticed you will see that my stitches
are somewhat big.
 Cut off excess seam.
 Now turn the lace piece right side out.
 Now take the skirt that you finished earlier & put it under
the top as I show here. Take it to your miniature doll
& move the top up so that the top of the lace hits to
where her breast should be.
 Keep adjusting it until you get it like you want it.
 Now its time to put the 2 pieces together.
Make sure that the back seam of the skirt lines up with
the seam of the top. Once you have them aligned then sew
thru the front to the back - all the way across the skirt
from one side to the other side.
 See I am connecting the skirt & the top together.
When finished sewing - knot it.
 See my knot. I am not worried about it because it
will be hidden.
 Now cut a 9 inch piece of ribbon. Wrap it around
the dress. Make sure you hide the knot. Tie the ribbon
in a knot  or make a bow.  I do realize that this photo
does not show you the ribbon.
 Cut 2 pieces of ribbon each of them about 2 inches long.
 This is the only part that I used glue. Glue both straps
onto the back. Do not glob the glue. Let dry. Once dry then glue the
other ends of the strap to the front. Let dry.
 Play with the skirt until it looks the way you want it
to. I took a small piece of  cheesecloth & stuffed it
in the top to give the illusion of it being lined.
The dress is finished. Hang it up & enjoy your work!
by conny


  1. Wow, what good instructions, even I can follow them. I love the dress, the lace was very pretty to start with.

  2. Thank you Marlene, I am hoping that everyone will think that the directions are easy & will attempt to try it. I do all of my skirts like this. If the doll wears it, then just hide the gathering threads on the inside of the skirt if you dont want a ribbon. I use baby clothes that has ruffles, lace or any kind of small decoration on it for all of my miniature clothes. Wash, dry & iron if necessary. Then create.

  3. This is gorgeous! I love it. I just found your blog and joined right away. I love your tuts and am looking forward to the next one.

    Thank you so much for sharing them.