Saturday, April 23, 2011

This is Daisy

She is so exhausted after finally moving her stuff into her
new apartment. And she did it all by herself - without a man
to help her. Right now she is taking a break trying to get
her strength back with some well deserved cheese & bread.
 This is just a sneak peek into her little dressing area. See
where Daisy placed her new dress. Right now she doesnt
have a place to hang it where you can see it.
 This is the full length of Daisy. I didnt make her very
well back then. You can see some glue around her hairline.
Her outfit was glued on. There isnt any
chance of saving it once I rip it from her body.
I have no idea what kind of makeover she is gonna
receive. Back then I made her 6 feet tall. I am going
to cut her down to size - just a little over 5.5 inches.
I want her to have some length. 
Her dress is made from cream color trims &
some black velour. The sleeves
were just lace. I have no idea in my head what she
is going to look like once I am finished with her.
Even her hair color might change.
Keep your fingers crossed Daisy and hope for 
the best!
by conny 


  1. I love a makeover, can't wait to see her new look

  2. Thank you - I hope she looks good once I am done with her. However I find makeovers to be stressful because I never know how I want the doll to look. The fabric has to speak to me. If I dont find anything suitable right away then it could take months for me to finish Daisy. I hope it doesnt take me that long. Happy Easter!

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