Friday, May 13, 2011


Remember the china doll with the 
dryer lint.
Well, this is the first doll that I started with.

This china doll never did have any skeleton
beneath her lint!
She was a limp, wimpy doll.

My hubby was out running some errands
so I asked him to pick me up some pipe
He came back with some of the worst ones
that I have ever seen.
They were a pretty color but they were so
I hated touching those pipe cleaners.
I had to use pliers to hold them!!


Right now you cannot see how bad
she really was.
Her body parts were in terrible shape.
I could not get all of the glue off of her legs.

In fact - I could not even get the glue out of her legs!!!
No way was I going to get the pipe cleaners
inside of her legs!!!

The pipe cleaners are just glued to the top
of the glue!!!
I had to hold it down on the glue until each
pipe cleaner stuck. 
Can you tell that I had to hold it with pliers
that is why the pipe cleaners are a 
little flattened!!

I had to do the same to the arms!!!

Something must have been wrong with me - cause
normally something like this I would
have tossed it in the garbage!!
She was a lot of trouble.
Surprised at myself for finishing her.

With excessive use - this china doll
just might become crippled - that is
if her pipe cleaners break!!
She might need a wheelchair!

Finally - this is the wrapped body of
I used cotton balls to wrap her.

Marina stands 5.5 inches high.

Oh, I did forget to tell you that her
head and breastplate is bigger than most
normal miniature dolls.
But hey none of us are built the same,
so why should a doll be perfect!

Must make her some bloomers.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Connie que tutorial mas fantastico, te han quedado preciosos.
    El problema es que aunque parece facil, yo soy muy torpe con las agujas.
    besitos ascension