Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boy - Was I a lucky duck

or what! I was thrifting at my local haunting
place when I came across this little gem. There
isnt even a crack on her!  As much as I despise
plastic - I was determined to take this home.
She cost me a whopping $1.00. This
little beauty is 5.5 inches high and 2 inches
wide.  Just perfect for one of my future
apartments. Something hung from the mirror.
See those slits on the left side.  I guess the reason
why the prior owners got rid of it is because that
part broke. Well - that doesnt bother me!
I am anxious to find out what that
piece is and if I could fix that. I also do not know
if I am going to paint it or not. The need to take
one step at a time has arisen here.
 The side view shows the towel bar better.
 This side is empty.
 Can you see the maker. In case
you cannot see it - it has the
copywrite F-P, Inc, China. I havent
had the time to look this company up yet.
 The cute little doors is just one - but thats okay. I
might put a couple of pipes under the sink. Dont know
yet. Anyway if I do - this is a small project for down the
road as I am not quite ready to use the cute little sink.
 I do have intentions of putting a little black bead to
use as a stopper inside the sink.
by conny


  1. Es una buena compra y ademas barata jejejeje
    Seguro que lo puedes dejar a tu gusto, aunque sea de plastico lo podras arreglar para que parezca mas real.
    Voy a estar pendiente de ver como lo dejas de precioso.
    besitos ascension

  2. Hi Connie,lovely minis in your blog,I'm a happy new follower,mini regards from sunny Spain,Sonia.