Sunday, June 5, 2011


Daisy's makeover is complete.
Right when you think that you know her -
then you realize that you dont. Mysterious
Dasiy as I have always called her is always
changing her hair and sometime she changes
her name. Nobody knows exactly
what she looks like beneath those wigs that
she always wears. This week she is a
brunette, Next week her wig could be red.
Miss Daisy doesnt care. She is always in
cognito when she goes out! Umm......she
wonders if anyone follows her. The next
time that she goes out she will have to make
sure to look at who is around her.
I hope that you like her new outfit. It isnt
embellished yet - I still have to buy some
bows or scrounge around my crafts for some
little pink or brown buttons. Perhaps she needs a ribbon
around her waist. There is still some
of the pink material left to make her a hat or
a parasol. Hopefully next week I will be able
to post the tutorial for this outfit.
 This is what the back of Miss Daisy looks like.
by conny


  1. Que versatil nos ha salido, en cada post tiene una nueva personalidad jejeje
    besitos ascension

  2. A ribbon around her waist is good. I like the pink and choclate brown colour of her outfit. Einen schönen Tag wünscht dir deine Craftland. Ich gehe jetzt schlafen. Gute Nacht.