Saturday, June 25, 2011

Take a guess??

Do you know what it is and where it came from??
Do you know what it will become.
Can you take a guess. Double click and take a good
long look. There are 2 items here. The left one is dirty
as I am having to wash it. I am also getting ready to
wash the one on the right.
This one was so dirty that I washed it at least 6 times.
And then I stopped - thinking that it would not become
white. But that is okay because it is so easy to manage.
It is well-used and will drape nicely.
 This one became whiter almost immediately.
Apparently it is not as old as the  other one.
It is a bright white!
 Several times this little item was draped
on my faucet. Even on the faucet see how well it drapes.
 I sewed some candlewicking thread onto
the top and left the long strings. Of course
the strings were doubled in the needle.
 There is a bulky seam that I didnt think would be
a problem. But I think that it looks so bad so I shall
remove it.
 This is so cute - Brieby will love this! So what do
you think. Have you guessed it yet.
by conny


  1. Conny, es para hacer como una mosquitera para una cama o una cuna?
    O en otro caso podria servir como velo de novia.....vamos pienso yo que no estoy muy puesta en ropa jejeje
    besitos ascension

  2. Yes, I'm also think it is a mosquito net!!!???
    Or is it for a baby bed????
    Make it no so exiting. I'm curious.
    Hugs vom Craftland