Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sorry to have kept you

waiting for the answer. But if you guessed a
mosquito netting. Then you guessed correctly!
It has already been hung up in my dollhouse as
well as Brieby's little cottage. I will have to show
you photos of it later. I wanted to show you where
the little items came from.
Yes - they were Barbie dresses!
Sorry that I do not have a photo to share
of that particular dress but the pure white tulle that
had the ruffle at the top belonged to a wedding dress.
The netting with the purple trim was an overskirt
almost exactly like the pink-haired doll below.
The pink haired doll on the left has some
pretty glittering sleeves. I will cut them off and
display them as long gloves. If they need a small hem -
then I will sew it or glue it down. I am not sure what
I will make with the white dress. I love that sparkly
purple over the white tulle.
The doll on the right has a pretty black little overdress.
It is going to become Permelia's witchy cape.
Here are the backside of the 2 dolls. Both of these
dolls with their dresses came from the thrift store.
If any of the dolls you buy have jewelry on them.
Do not dispose of that - long and short necklaces
can be displayed in a small jewelry box. A ring stone
can be cut off and glued on to a small sequin and
displayed also. Dont forget high-heels. These can
be painted and placed in little shoe boxes. As long
as they are in the shoe boxes then they will look
real enough. Almost all of my high-heels are Barbie
shoes. Last - look at their hair. If it is in good
shape consider making little wigs out of them.
Also do not forget to take a look at smaller dolls.
Their little chunky shoes are so cute. You can display
them out in the open. Their little dresses are just right
to display. Some of their accessories are just the
right size.
And be sure to wash up any clothes on these dolls.
Its amazing how with just soap and water how bright
they become!
by conny

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