Thursday, July 7, 2011


and start going to those Estate Sales and those
Thrift Stores.
There are some wonderful things
waiting there for you!

Take a look at what I found
for $3.00 - yep that's right!
Sorry about some of my photo's.
Lately they seem to be a little fuzzy.
Maybe my batteries need changing.
Lord knows that the camera sure does get used!

 This little cross stitch box was just full of stuff.
Look at the pretty blue glass bowl.
There are some filled jars in there.
I got a little doll - yippee!!
There is also a little doll
beside the yellow haired dolly that doesn't have a
She will come in handy for a witch cottage.

Tennis anyone!

 All of the glass pieces are in mint condition.
wrong with the brass bowl.
And my absolute favorite
is the little white tin box with blue letters.
It says bread and cake. So vintage!

 Hey - many items in this box is brand new.
Lucky me!

 A little juicer. I just love it!!
There are only 2 little tulip bowls.
Ice cream anyone!

 There are 2 different types of stools in here
and food.
My tenants are so hungry!

 All of my tenants love cheese.

 There are some cute metal pots with lids.
I was
needing some paint cans to hang from the ladder that is
on the outside of the apartment building.
These are perfect.
Even though they are not the correct colors
its okay. I will deal with it some way. 
Double click and look at the many items.
Even 2 inch canvas is in here.

 Here are some cool pieces.
A corkscrew and 2 bottle openers.
Still in their original plastic - never been opened.
So get out there.
There isn't any telling what you might find!
Be sure to enjoy yourself.
Many hugs and kisses


  1. Can I come shopping with you next time, what a great find!!

  2. I say you have not made a purchase, you actually found a treasure!
    A hug.

  3. Conny, that's a really great find . . . I love the tiny blue glass vase/bowl, and the bread/cake tin!

  4. Conny, que preciosas compras!!!
    Seguro que le sacas partido a todo, me han encantado.
    besitos ascension

  5. Eliana says: Purchase, no, it is a treasure.
    I can only agree. So many great things. You had a lucky day. Craftland