Friday, July 1, 2011

Mosquito Netting

This is the ruffled tulle from the Barbie wedding
dress. It is suspended from the ceiling with a
little hook. All of the little strings are knotted
at the top. The knot hangs on the hook.
If you will look at prior photos - you will see
that the bed was really flat. Since I did not have
any foam - I made do with what I did have.
An easy solution was to just add layers of
guaze on top of the foam until I got it the
heighth of what I wanted. Then I took a long
piece of guaze and wrapped it around the entire
guaze and the foam to hold it in place. On the
bottom of the bed - none of the guaze is taped or
pinned down. It held up pretty good! 
Instead of a bed pillow all I did was to just roll
up a thick piece of guaze to the width of the
little bed. To keep it together cut some of the
guaze and on both ends tie it around the bolster
into a knot and a bow.
The little pillow in front of the bolster is one of
the little pillows from the prior bedding from about
15 years ago. Somehow I had lost the other bed pillow.
 Here is the other mosquito netting cut off from a
Barbie dress. I can not hang it the same way as I hung
the other one. For right now this little netting is just
hanging there on its own untl I figure out a way to
hang it.
It is draped around an old bed that
I got recently from an estate sale. The little bed is in
bad shape. It is dirty and needs new bedding. I am not
sure how old this piece is. Its a shame that it has to be
re-done. But I am sure that Brieby would like it better
if there were pillows that matched new sheets and
a comforter. Maybe something with purple in it.
 Just another view of the bed and the netting. This
little bed fits nice in this little space.
Not bad is it.
Have a good day!
by conny


  1. The mosquito nets were great but ... Poor Barbie! lol
    I'm just kidding. : D
    You used the tulle well! It was perfect.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and become a follower.

  2. Pero que maravilla!!!
    Queda perfecta esa cama con la mosquitera.
    Me encanta el color de la colcha.
    besitos ascension