Friday, July 1, 2011

Apartment Samantha - Gauzy Bedding and Bed Canopy Using Barbie Dress and Cheesecloth

This is the ruffled tulle from a
Barbie wedding dress.
It is suspended from the ceiling with a
little hook.
All of the little strings are knotted
at the top.
The knot hangs on the hook.

Samantha's Bedding and Canopy was
very easy to make.
Check the tutorial section on how to
make the canopy's!
The bedding was simple also.

In prior pics before the make-over
of Samantha's apartment - her bed
used to be flat.
Since I did not have any foam seat padding
the obvious solution was to wrap
cheesecloth or gauze around the existing

Check out the tutorial on how to make
my mini mattresses.

To make the bedding, without making a
new mattress - just take the existing mattress
and make sure that the cheesecloth/gauze
is larger than the mattress.
Use cheesecloth/gauze that is wide enough
to extend past both ends of the mattress,
so that all of that excess cheesecloth
can be turned under at the head and foot
area of the mattress after you finish.

Begin by using 2 layers of cheesecloth/gauze
and start at either the back or front of the
mattress and wrap the cheesecloth all around
the mattress as many times as you want/need to
get the desired fluff.
When finished wrapping, cut the cheesecloth.
Tape or pin the cheesecloth down.
(I did not tape or pin the cheesecloth down).
Pick up the large gauzy mattress from the sides.
Gently turn under the top to the backside,
and repeat for the bottom.
Place into the bed frame.
Go around the bed frame and make sure
the mattress is even and straight and that
all raw edges are tucked neatly under.

Instead of a bed pillow - all I did was roll
up a thick piece of gauze to the width of the
little bed.
To keep it together cut some of the
gauze and on both ends tie it around the bolster
into a knot and a bow.
The little pillow in front of the bolster is one of
the little pillows from the prior bedding from about
15 years ago.
Somehow I had lost the other bed pillow.

 Here is the another tulle/netting cut off from a
Barbie dress.
I can not hang it the same way as I hung
the other one.
Right now this little netting is just
hanging there on its own, untl I figure out a way to
hang it.
It is draped around an old bed that
I got recently from an estate sale.
The little bed is in
bad shape. It is dirty and needs new bedding.
I am not sure how old this piece is.
Its a shame that it has to be re-done.
The bed needs a make-over!
Maybe something with purple in it to match
the purple in the canopy.

 Just another view of the bed and the netting. This
little bed fits nice in this little space.
Not bad is it.
Thanks for stopping by to see us!
Have a good day!


  1. The mosquito nets were great but ... Poor Barbie! lol
    I'm just kidding. : D
    You used the tulle well! It was perfect.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and become a follower.

  2. Pero que maravilla!!!
    Queda perfecta esa cama con la mosquitera.
    Me encanta el color de la colcha.
    besitos ascension