Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daisy's Rugs

Before I show you Daisy's apartment
I wanted to show you her rugs. Daisy
owns 2 of them. These rugs were once a
pocketbook that I found back in Oklahoma.
It was a front and a back. All I did was cut it
apart and there it was. Sorry that I dont have
a photo of the pocketbook but if you double click
on the rugs you will see that they are some kind of
needlepoint that they use for these pocketbooks. I am
not sure how old the purse was but it now has a
new lease in life.
 Double click to see the stitching.
 The pocketbook had some kind of a black lining that
I dont know what it is. On a separate piece of the
needlepoint I tried picking the black stuff off. It would
tear the fabric so I decided not to peel it off of the rugs.
The black stuff has been on so long that you can almost
see the pattern lines thru it.
I have since decided that the black stuff attached is just
a slip proof backing - so Daisy never  slips on her rugs.
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  1. Ladies, thank you for your nice comments. They are greatly appreciated. I have been to your blogs and seen your nice postings - if only blogger would cooperate.

  2. hello dear, its me cucki..thank you so much for your lovely comment on my humble so happy for that..
    i am your new follower and your new friend now :)
    i love your post so much..most beautiful rug..i love rugs..
    keep for you and keep in touch..
    hugs from south africa xx