Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all staying safe.
And definitely keeping busy
doing your miniatures.

Love those booknooks.
Thank you so much Drora for
sending me the link on how one
guy made his.
I see the box is much narrower than
the box I am using. 

My box is 3&3/4's inches wide.
Those booknooks are much skinner
at least about half of the width of mine.
So, this will not be a booknook but will
be I hope a secret looking room.

I am still looking for a narrower box though
to make a booknook. 

Here are some pics of what I have done already.
Remember what the box looked like before.
It looked like a piece could be sawed out.
So I sawed out that piece to make a window.
It may be a secret witch room but I want
to be able to see in.

I cut out a hole at the top for a tea light
to be inserted in.

I then cut 2 sticks and glued it to the bottom.
You can see that I did not take the sticks up
to the edge.
The reason is because I want the lid to help keep
dust out of the room.

Just an upright pic to show the bottom.

I cut the plastic out for the window.

Inside is dirty and was wiped out.

Outside of box is painted black.
Just have the lid to paint.

I painted the inside of the box black.

I felt that it was 2 dark so I painted it
green with some black streaks.

Thank you for stopping by and hoped
that you enjoyed visiting with me.


  1. Estoy intrigada por el el resultado.

  2. Your book nook or secret book is off to a great start and it looks like you are having a lot of fun! Can't wait to see what else you have in mind!

  3. Una bonita preparaciĆ³n del libro secreto! deseando ver los avances!

  4. Your secret book is fantastic.