Monday, April 11, 2011


She is/was the ugly china doll that was
in the last posting on the
left side of the photo.

Painstakingly I scraped and scraped more glue
off of her legs.
There is still plenty more
to scrape off but I got tired of scraping. 
Decided I would take a break from that and just
dress the doll.
I can scrape more later when I feel
like messing with it.
Anyway, her legs are hidden.
Marina looks
a sight better than she did before. 

She is dressed really different.
I felt that there wasnt any need to
try to dress her to a particular period since I dont
have any period fabrics.
Besides, stripping off her old
body proved that she wasnt an antique!  
There weren't any markings on her.
So I believe that I can do with her
what I want.

Marina is a short woman.
I measured her before and thought
for sure she was 5.5 inches high.
Measured her again cause she
looked so short!
Marina is a short woman!
Her length is 5.25.

Her dress is made from a pair of 
baby pants.
I found them at the thrift store 
with the price tag still on them.
It is just a simple dress
that I made for her.

I like the pink and green combination.
Love the flowers on the green.
Love the pink with white dots on
the ruffle.
It looks sweet on her.

Marina's shawl is a lace applique.
I wanted to use this applique since it
seems like I have owned it forever!

The lace applique is about 4 inches from
the 2 widest points.
It was too pretty not to use it.

I am really surprised that  fit around her
and that it worked!

To attach it around her ,
all I did was thread a piece of pink ribbon
thru the first 2 holes of the
applique from the backside.
Then knotted it.
I know you can't see the knot, but it's there!!

Here is the back of the shawl.
It drapes so nice on her back.
Looks so pretty.

I hope you like Marina!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. She's looking good now, you did a good job

  2. Thank you for the nice comment. She does look better.

  3. Se ve preciosa!!!
    Que bien has hecho el trajecito es una verdadera maravilla, me encanta la ropa que has usado.
    besitos ascension

  4. A very nice result!!
    The lace applique gives the dress an oriental touch.