Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Apartment Samantha - A room divider used as a closet!

Hello Everyone!

Well, I have finally gotten around to
making a room divider.
Necessity is the key factor here!
Check for the TUTORIAL later 
as it will take me awhile.

I was running out of room
of where to hang her clothes.
It sure is funny to think how your dolls
can outgrow their apartment or dollhouse!
But Sam did!

 I only had 2 of these french doors, but figured that
they will do the job well. 
A divider screen was very much needed here.

 This divider will stand behind the sofa.
The side where
you see the coat will be like a coat closet.
The side closest to
you will be to hang some clothes.

See I already have a hanger there that I made. 

One thing about my hangers is - THEY ARE UGLY!!
Must make some better ones.

 The shelf is coming in handy already. 
intend for the shelves to hold whatever
I can cram up there.
Maybe some necklaces
or a pair of shoes need to dangle from one
of the top corners of the divider.

 I do not know what life the little red
thingy was before I acquired it.
For me
it serves as a faux red stole.
something to do with Sam's hobby of
Mardi Gras stuff.

 I will not be leaving out the white side.
I will cram some stuff here as well. 
Right now I do
not have anything to cram there.

Here - the divider has been placed behind the sofa just
as I intended to put it.  
It looks good there - don't you think!
But soon I might end up removing something from her
apartment to make room for it in her bedroom. 
You never
know because my apartments keep changing.
And I like that.
Sam just finished hanging up her little black sexy dress.

I hope this inspires you to take a couple of
doors and make you a divider for a closet.

Am glad you stopped by to visit Sam!
Come again,


  1. Connie: You are so creative I love the divider I also love the glasses she is wearing did you make them? I will email you tomorrow on how things are going here.

  2. Me encanta!!!!
    Eres muy imaginativa y tus trabajos muy creativos.
    besitos ascension

  3. Hi dear Conny! It's amazing! I loved it!

  4. Glass Desks.Really its good stuff!! Thanks dear